DMR is committed to the enrichment of our immediate social environment and its people, through delivering unprecedented service levels and structuring our growth to enable a constant transfer of skills. By embracing our core deliverables, we will offer our clients a personalized and dynamic service. This platform, focussing not so much on the deliverables, but on how they are delivered, will become our business ethos.

The transfer of this business ethos, shadowed by financial redistribution, will empower our social community, thereby providing us with a constant flow of dynamic individuals who will understand our service commitment and be able to employ these values into the larger community.

While we never plan to expand our focused approach, which we believe is key to our service- level commitment, we are employing this ethos in an attempt to break the bleak mould that plagues young legal talent and pushes them out the legal community into other arenas of commerce. All our legal incumbents that pass through our firm will be exposed to our ethos and hopefully embrace it. We believe that armed with this service-enriched mindset they will thrive within the global legal community and be able to add value to any organisation.